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Planting for summer: seeds and bulbs to plant now

April is a key month to do a little work so your outdoor urban garden is stunning come the summer. Imagine warm nights, sat out among pots of beautiful flowers, sipping on a glass of wine, maybe with a few friends, maybe eating a salad freshly picked from your urban garden. Sounds like heaven to me! And you can achieve all this by spending a little time planting seeds and bulbs in April, even if you only have a window box and a few pots to plant them in.

Plant bulbs now for stunning flowers in Spring

I love spring flowers. I think tulips are actually my favourite of all flowers, and I also adore delicate miniature iris, narcissi, crocus and muscari, as well as pure white paperwhites and showy hyacinths. Spring flowers are the first flowers of the year, signalling the end of the long cold winter, the beginning of new growth and lighter, longer days. I get so excited the first day in spring that I venture outside to find flowers! Plus, the varieties, particularly of tulips, are so diverse that you can have fun experimenting with different colour combinations to create amazing displays. And, last but definitely not least - bulbs are easy peasy to plant and look after. So I urge you - plant some spring bulbs now - you will be so glad you did come the spring.