Exciting news: Our online urban gardening shop has launched!

Published 17th March 2017 by Michelle

I’m very excited to announce that today we are launching our online urban gardening shop, which sells high quality plant pots, window boxes, hanging planters, wall planters, gardening tools and accessories which make clever use of space, have a contemporary design and are suitable for use indoors and on balconies, roof terraces and windowsills. Please do check out the shop by clicking the ‘shop’ link at the top left of this page.

As regular readers of this blog know; Urban Botanics has a mission – to create more gardens in our cities so that they become greener and more beautiful. I firmly believe that even people with little or no outside space can bring plants into their life – countless varieties of flowers, fruits and vegetables can be grown successfully in pots outdoors and indoors, whilst succulents, cacti and houseplants bring a green vibrancy to any interior.


Chartreuse Green Round Planter / by Elho

Copper Indoor Watering Can / by Haws

Okatsune Secateurs / by Niwaki

I first started gardening as a means of relaxation; I found that tending to or even just looking at the beautiful flowers in my urban garden helped me to unwind from a busy day at work. Research backs up this experience, with many studies concluding that gardening eases stress and improves psychological wellbeing. What’s more; plants increase oxygen in the air and some purify the air of toxins – so they are good for our physical health too. Urban gardens are also valuable for the planet – helping to moderate temperatures in our cities and increase urban biodiversity.

Grey and White Hanging Pot / by Madam Stoltz

Urban gardens can be creative, fun spaces too. In summer my urban garden becomes an extra room of my house – I go out there to meditate and do yoga, eat, work and have drinks with friends. I also have plants in every room of my house to enjoy throughout the year – they really bring a sense of vitality and freshness, as well as interesting textures, shapes and colours, to sleek modern interiors.

Nickel Mist Sprayer / by Haws

White Window Box / by Elho

Through the Urban Botanics blog I have strived and will continue to strive to show that urban gardening can be modern, it can be easy, and that plants can really enhance a city lifestyle. I hope that our new online urban gardening shop will help you to create and enhance your urban garden, with beautifully designed, high quality planters, tools and accessories.

White Round Planter / by Elho

Zinc Dolly Tub Planter Set / by Madam Stoltz

I want to say a big thank you to all the readers of this blog, for your support and interest in Urban Botanics and urban gardening – I’m excited now to continue to build and improve both the blog and the shop, so we can spread the word about urban gardening; and make plants part of people’s city lives!

All the best,

Michelle x