Create a mini cactus garden

Published 1st February 2017 by Michelle

Cold outside? Think of warmer climes (like deserts!) and create a mini cactus garden for your home. Very low maintenance and easy to create, a cactus garden will make a stunning coffee table centrepiece. And you can have lots of fun selecting the cacti you want to use – there is such a huge variety of them!

The finished cactus garden

Cacti of different sizes, shapes and colours

The materials you will need:

Wide shallow dish (can be made of glass or any other material)
Multipurpose compost or Cactus compost
4-5 Cacti

How to make your mini cactus garden:

1\ Cacti hate to sit in water, so start by putting a layer of gravel in the bottom of the dish, to help with drainage.

2\ Mix your compost with sand and gravel, in the ratio of 1 handful of gravel and 1 handful of sand for every 3 handfuls of compost. If you are using cactus compost just use that straight out the bag as it will already have sand/gravel or some sort of grit mixed in.

3\ Add the compost mixture to the dish till it’s a couple of inches from the top of the dish.

4\ Arrange your plants, still in their pots, on top of the compost until you’re happy with their position. You may wish to use some kitchen tongs to hold and move the plants to avoid getting spiked!

Put gravel in the bottom of the dish

Arrange your cactus on top of the soil

5\ Remove each plant from their pot and plant in the compost, adding extra compost to fill the gaps around the plants. Use a table spoon so your fingers don’t get too close to the plants. The compost level should be about 1 inch from the top of the container.

6\ Add a 1/2 inch layer of gravel around the plants for decoration.

7\ Water the plants well, and then water 1-2 times per month, when the soil has dried out.

And that’s it! Easy peasy to make, and easy peasy to look after. I hope you enjoy creating your cactus garden, you might also want to experiment by adding some succulents to your display. Send photos of your cactus gardens to – I’d love to see them!

Till next time,

Michelle x

The finished cactus garden