Create a winter flowering container display

Published 29th November 2016 by Michelle

The cold winter weather is definitely setting in – yey for jumpers and warm drinks! Loads of plants are at their best at this time of year – think of traditional Christmassy plants like holly, ivy, mistletoe, and indoor flowering amaryllis – but if your urban garden is looking a little dreary then it’s time to brighten it up with an easy to create winter flowering container display.

My finished winter container display

To begin, you need to go plant shopping. Look in your local garden centre for colourful winter flowering plants, such as violas, cyclamen, heather, pansies and hellebores. Around two to three flowering plants, plus a couple of foliage plants to provide greenery and texture, should be plenty for your display.

The flowering plants I used were a red flowering cyclamen, a pink and a peachy winter flowering heather, and pansies in a selection of pinky-purple shades. I always say, there is a variety of every flower that is right for every person and this was a case in point – I don’t normally like pansies but I found this beautifully delicate variety with gorgeous subdued colours and I love it. For foliage I selected ivy and a pony tail grass. Many ornamental grasses looks great this time of year and are perfect for adding texture to your display.


Pony tail grass

A purple pansy

To make the display, fill your chosen container two thirds full with multipurpose compost. Arrange your plants, still in their pots, on top of the compost until you are satisfied with their positioning. You may wish to make the flowering plants the main focal point of the display by putting them front and centre. You might put taller plants (like the pony tail grass I used) towards the back, and then fill in the gaps in your display with foliage plants (like ivy). Make sure the soil level around the plants is sitting about 1 inch from the top of the container.

Once you’re happy with how the display looks, one by one remove the plants from their pots and place them back in their position. Start to fill in gaps between the plants with more compost. This can be a little fiddly, but keep going till all gaps are filled, and then give the compost a gentle pat down to make sure all the plants are firmly planted. Give the plants a good water, and then place the display somewhere it can easily be admired – perhaps where it can be seen from inside your home so you don’t have to venture out in the cold to enjoy it!

My finished winter container display

Purple pansies and red cyclamen

Winter flowers

Red cyclamen

Purple pansies

Purple pansy with heather and pony tail grass

I hope you enjoy getting creative with winter flowering plants and that your new display brings gorgeous winter colour to your urban garden. As always I’d love to see pictures of your displays, send them to .

Until next time,

Michelle x