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Create an urban serenity garden

The practice of meditation and mindfulness as a means to combat the stress and frantic pace of modern life, particularly in cities, has surged in popularity in recent years. This week, I'm focusing on how you can create an urban serenity garden which provides a peaceful, tranquil haven from city life - and an excellent place to practice meditation or yoga.

Create a Moroccan Relaxation Space for Your Balcony or Terrace

This week I had the opportunity to create a little piece of Morocco on a small roof terrace. I looked to Jardin Marjorelle and the souks of Marrakesh for inspiration, and then set about selecting plants (both truly Moroccan and not at all Moroccan) which would bring a flavour of Morocco to any outside space.

Focus on Colour: Blue

Blue, the colour of the sky and the sea, is one of the rarer colours in the garden. In this article I round up some of my favourite blue flowered plants which can make a cool and calming addition to your urban garden. And as a bonus, all of these plants are loved by bees and butterflies!

How To Create A Mini Meadow In A Washing Machine Drum

Think of a meadow and what does it conjure up? I’m thinking of hot summer days; skipping through meadows in a pretty dress, lying in the tall grasses and looking up at the sky. Except I don’t think I’ve ever done that, ever, and I now live in a city where I don’t remember ever seeing a meadow. But… I love meadows. There is something incredibly romantic about them, don’t you think?

10 plants I discovered at the 2016 Chelsea Flower Show

I went to the Chelsea Flower show on Saturday, and discovered so many plants I'd never seen before - all of which have now been added to my plant wish list!

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