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The London Urban Garden Show

I really enjoyed my visit to the London Urban garden show last weekend, was very inspiring and great to see loads of people out getting ideas for their urban gardens. I really hope the RHS decide to hold the show again next year, was a fantastic event and great to see urban gardening take centre stage!

Freaky creepy plants for Halloween

It's Halloween! And the plant world doesn't disappoint on the creepy freaky front - think Day of the Triffids or Little Shop of Horrors...films where killer plants take over! So this week, we look at weird and scary plants that you can grow in your urban garden. Luckily, none of them are dangerous and some of them are even eerily beautiful.

5 of London’s best urban gardens

Visiting one of London's urban gardens is a great way to spend a sunny (or not so sunny) afternoon. Get inspiration for your own urban garden, or just enjoy being out and about among the flowers, bees and butterflies whilst still being in the heart of London. This week we look at 5 amazing urban gardens to visit in London.

Be inspired by the greenhouses at Kew Gardens

There's been some glorious weather this summer, and a couple of weeks ago I made the most of it by taking a trip to Kew Gardens. This week I show you how to take inspiration from the stunning combination of exotic plants in Kew's greenhouses, for your indoor and outdoor urban garden.

5 big trends from the 2016 Chelsea Flower Show

I was lucky enough to visit the Chelsea Flower Show this week; which always gives me so much inspiration for my urban garden. There were some very clear trends that appeared throughout the show - here I give my take on some of them and ideas for interpreting them for your urban garden.

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