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Take inspiration from the Feel Good Gardens at the 2017 RHS Chelsea Flower Show

The 2017 RHS Chelsea Flower show is here! This year the Feel Good Gardens, sponsored by BBC Radio 2, are designed to encourage use of the five senses, focusing on the themes of taste, scent, colour, texture and listening. So, inspired by Chelsea, here are my favourite plants for each of the five senses, all of which can be planted in pots to bring new sensory dimensions to your urban garden.

The Urban Botanics Glossary: Variegated Leaves

Welcome to the second in our series of glossary posts, where we succinctly explain key gardening jargon so you can take your urban gardening to the next level. In this glossary entry, we focus on foliage and explain what variegated leaves are.

Exciting news: Our online urban gardening shop has launched!

I’m very excited to announce that today we are launching our online urban gardening shop, which sells high quality plant pots, window boxes, hanging planters, wall planters, gardening tools and accessories which make clever use of space, have a contemporary design and are suitable for use indoors and on balconies, roof terraces and windowsills. Please do check out the shop by clicking the ‘shop’ link at the top left of this page. I want to say a big thank you to all the readers of this blog, for your support and interest in Urban Botanics and urban gardening – I’m excited now to continue to build and improve both the blog and the shop, so we can spread the word about urban gardening; and make plants part of people’s city lives!

The Urban Botanics Glossary: Perennials and Annuals

Welcome to the first Urban Botanics glossary entry. In this new series of posts we'll succinctly explain some key gardening jargon so you can take your urban gardening to the next level. Armed with a few key definitions you'll be confident in selecting plants and flowers that are most appropriate for your urban garden, and ready to look after them so they keep looking beautiful. Since this is our first glossary entry, we've got a double bill special; covering both annuals and perennials.

5 ways urban gardening can improve your health and wellbeing in 2017

Happy New Year everyone! One of my 2017 resolutions is to spend more time in my urban garden, since I know how good urban gardening is for my health, wellbeing and general happiness. I encourage anyone, no matter how little time or space they have, to grow something in 2017 - if you need a little more encouragement, here are 5 reasons why you should!

Christmas plants and gardens in London

I took a walk around London last weekend, and it's beginning to look at lot like Christmas! I saw Christmas plants, displays and gardens looking extremely festive alongside lights, trees and baubles - giving me lots of ideas for using plants as part of my Christmas decor at home.

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