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How to make a Christmas mobile from natural objects

It's very nearly Christmas! And if you feel your house could do with some last minute, extra festive cheer, then I highly recommend making a Christmas mobile, using objects found in your urban garden or local park. I'm so pleased with how mine turned out and it was incredibly easy to make.

Create an autumnal bouquet

I was admiring my urban garden this week, appreciating the last flowers of the season, and the plants which have beautiful and interesting seed heads in autumn. I decided that some of these flowers and seed heads could be used to make an original bouquet, quite different from the bouquets we usually buy from the shops. After a little experimenting, I ended up with a beautiful display. I really encourage you to get out in your urban garden, and think outside the box about what is beautiful and what will look nice as part of an autumnal arrangement. Get experimenting and get creative with it!

Botanical Baking Week (inspired by the Great British Bake Off)

Inspired by last week's Great British Bake Off, it's botanical baking week on the UB blog. In this week's post, I'll show you three recipes using flowers as ingredients - all of these flowers can easily be grown in pots in your urban garden. So you can get botanical with your baking!

Making salsa with green or red tomatoes

Now is the best time to harvest the last of your tomatoes, before the first frosts arrive and start to turn them bad. You may find some of your tomatoes haven't yet ripened - but definitely don't throw them away! Green, unripe tomatoes can be used in lots of recipes, including traditionally to make green tomato chutney. But my favourite way to use them is to make Mexican salsa verde. If you just have ripe tomatoes, no worries - use them instead with the same recipe and you'll end up with a red tomato salsa.

Harvesting fresh basil to make pesto

So its that time of year when we can see September on the horizon, and though we still have time to enjoy the summer (weather permitting) we know Autumn isn't too far round the corner. In your urban garden, this is a good time of year to harvest and preserve the last of your summer herbs, before they start dying off for winter. This week I'll show you how to make basil pesto, which is a brilliant way to preserve basil and create quick, easy and yummy pasta dishes.

Using fresh herbs to make tea

Nothing is more comforting than a good cuppa, a brew, a cup of Rosy Lee. Herbal teas are becoming more and more popular for their health benefits - and also because there are just so many flavours available to try! You can make your own herbal tea, using herbs fresh from the garden. Here I show you how to brew a soothing pot of chamomile tea and a zingy pot of Moroccan mint tea.

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