Urban Botanics has a mission: to get people in cities gardening; so that our cities become more beautiful and more tranquil places to live.


We hope the Urban Botanics blog will inspire you to create an urban garden to complement your city life. A green space can give you respite from the frantic pace of city life: a haven of peace, wellbeing and tranquility in your own home. And each new green space created will only make our cities more beautiful.

Even people with little or no outside space can bring plants into their life – countless varieties of flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables can be grown successfully in pots outdoors and indoors. We aim to show that gardening can be highly creative yet simple to do. We want to help you create an urban garden for your home – no matter what size and type of space you have available.


We are very excited to be launching our shop soon! We will sell high quality plant pots, window boxes, hanging planters, wall planters, gardening tools and accessories which make clever use of space, have a contemporary design and are suitable for use indoors, on balconies, roof terraces and windowsills.

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